About me

Welcome to my virtual home!

I am Dr. Herve Nganguia. I am currently the Jess and Mildred Fisher Endowed Professor of Mathematics at Towson University, MD. You can find out more about my teaching philosophy by glancing at my teaching statement (here), and learn more about my research interests by clicking on my research page, or visiting my Google Scholar page.
Since much of my academic journey and professional life can be accessed here (see my CV as well), I will say just a few things about the stuff that may not be apparent.

I am a big machine/deep learning enthusiast. That interest led me to found an analytics company, AKILI during a sabbatical year I took in 2015. I am very much available for any consulting work, or just engaging in all things data. In case you are wondering, YES, this passion has everything to do with the central subject of my full-time profession: Mathematics. Need a hint? Think Linear Algebra and a good dose of Calculus. Still confused? Feel free to reach out; I am always happy to share the bits I know.

Outside of work and academia, I indulge in three things: the arts (imagining, listening, writing), traveling, and working out. I can safely say my life would not be what it is today had it not been full of these, and, of course, my family!